A process great for resolving...

  1. Unwanted Emotions - Somewhere along the way, most of us learned to suppress, hide, run away from, or completely deny any emotions we found uncomfortable. These emotions could have been triggered by a number of things, including fear, past trauma, or other unpleasant past experiences. Unresolved, these emotions get trapped in your body where they build up over time. The Revealing Process helps in processing and letting go of various emotions (such as fear, anger, guilt, apathy, sadness, loneliness, and more) that are weighing you down and holding you back.
  2. Negative Beliefs and Stories - Do you ever tell yourself stories about who you are? How often does that little voice in your head tell you things like "I can't," "I'm just not good enough," "I'll never get it or stick with ___," or "It'll just never work for me"? We all have picked up some degree of disempowering beliefs that we've learned from life and the world. These beliefs and stories are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, but they just aren't true. The Revealing Process is a great mechanism to uncover and truly let go of these stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  3. Unconscious Behaviors That Are Constantly Pushing Away Women, Money, and the Life You want.  - There's a link between thoughts and feelings - it's a chain reaction. A wise man once said, "Your Thoughts lead to your Feelings, which lead to your Actions, which lead to your Results." Using the Revealing Process, you can finally let go of behaviors (or the causes of your lack of action-taking, for example) that are slowing you down. Change your behaviors and you will change your results.
  4. Tension Avoidance - Women want a powerful and grounded man who isn't afraid to look at and deal with uncomfortable emotions. They want to feel safe and protected. A man who is unable to face uncomfortable emotions is unable to provide a safe space for his woman. A woman who doesn't feel safe around a man can't fully trust him or fully surrender to him. Through the Revealing Process, you can change your relationship to tension which will result in women respecting you, trusting you, and wanting to surrender and give themselves to you completely. Only a man who can handle tension can truly have women fantasizing about him. 

In short, I'll teach you how to use this process so that you can let go of any roadblocks that are in your way. Doing this will create the space for you to experience more empowering emotions that will move you towards your goals much faster than you are now.

INSIDE: You'll Learn How To Use
The Revealing Process
and How To Implement It In Your Life

  • The basic fundamentals you must have in order to create a good revealing practice

  • Letting go of the belief that you are broken and instead realizing that you are in fact in the process of growing

  • The reason why you might be struggling with feeling grateful or gratitude

  • Understanding the emotional scale and how to identify emotions as they come up or get triggered in your body

  • How to deal with an emotion that is defending itself against a release or reveal

  • The ways that you avoid feeling emotions and distract yourself from feeling

  • How to reveal and release the resistance to upper emotions of courage, acceptance, love, and peace. This is as important as releasing the lower and heavier emotions

  • Emotional awarness and how to start developing emotional intelligence

  • The difference between feeling and being in your heart

  • How you can use anger to face your insecurities

  • The 4 R’s of The Revealing Process

  • How to use simple questions to guide yourself through releasing sessions

  • The diffferent ways that you can activate "Letting Go"

  • Cultivating a relationship to courage, acceptance, love, and peace (CALP)

  • Theory of Mind (T.O.M.) and developing awarness to see the nuances and subtleties occurring in your day-to-day life.

  • How to identify the different ways your ego will form habits to resist releasing emotons

  • Guided Revealing process sessions to release on RESISTANCE, judgement, and pride

  • Reasons you will get stuck and how to navigate through it

  • Simple Exercises you can do to get started releasing and revealing right away

  • The "wants" that are driving your actions and the key to removing attachment to your wants

  • How to achieve your goals faster using Energetic Modeling



10.5 hours of content with step-by-step explanations of how to make The Revealing Process work for you. If you are trying to eliminate deeply-rooted beliefs about not being attractive enough for women, not being able to attract wealth, or not being able to follow your passions and create the life that you want, you will learn how to break past those stories. Your power, freedom, and success in life is all about your beliefs about yourself and how you really, truly feel inside.


Lesson 1 - The Beginning - The Revealing Process has been responsible for my biggest successes with women and in business for the last 14 years. In this lesson, I want to give you an idea of how much transformation is possible in your own life. No matter where you currently are, no matter what your current beliefs are, no matter how old you are, once you become a master at the Revealing Process and start applying it in your life, the things that you desire the most will start showing up almost effortlessly. 


Lesson 2 -  The Elements of a Good Revealing/Releasing Practice - In this lesson, I talk about the secrets that makes Revealing a such a powerful practice and the key elements that cause real, long-term shifts. It has nothing to do with knowledge. This is the #1 thing that you must understand to make the Revealing Process work for you in any area of your life.


Lesson 3 -  Emotional Intelligence - Understanding your emotions is the first step towards more freedom and happiness. When you learn to identify your emotions and where you are exactly on the emotional scale, you consciously begin to have more control over your emotional state. Things just seem to magically work when you operate from Courage, Acceptance, Love, and Peace (CALP). The Reaveling Process is all about moving you towards CALP so your life works almost effortlessly all the time. 


Lesson 4 - Building Your Emotional Intelligence - In this lesson, I will guide you step by step so you can experience the range of different emotions  in your body. The reason a lot of people are unable to let go of their emotional baggage is because they are afraid of their emotions. This guided process will help you build comfort around feeling uncomfortable emotions so you can finally face them and let them go for good.


Lesson 5 - Sneaky Tricks of The Ego That Keep You Stuck - If changing your negative unconscious behaviors was as easy as knowing what to do, most people would not be struggling. Unfortunately, the ego and the mind have multiple layers of programs that most people fail to recognize. This lesson is about recognizing the 6 most powerful tricks of the ego that keep you stuck and learning how to get over them. 


Lesson 6 - The 3 Emotions Most Guys with "Nice Guy Syndrome" Are Afraid of: Lust, Anger, and Pride -  If you want to be a powerful, confident, and grounded individual, you cannot be afraid of these 3 emotions...especially your anger. Learning to effectively transmute Lust, Anger, and Pride into Courage will make you a more attractive and effective man. Just Imagine how powerful it is for a woman to see a man handle high-intensity emotions without losing control of himself or getting needy. This lesson will teach you how to use these emotions to develop more courage and completely change the way you show up for women and in your own life. 


Lesson 7 -  Mastering Courage, Love, Acceptance, and Peace (CALP) - When you live in CALP, things just seem to work effortlessly most of the time. In this lesson, I guide you step by step to teach you how you make Courage, Love, Acceptance, and Peace your default emotional state. If you follow the process that I go through in this lesson alone, you'll notice people responding differently to you, a positive shift in your attitude towards life, and you'll eliminate a lot of the internal resistance that prevents you from taking sustained action on your goals. 


Lesson 8 - The 4 Stages of The Revealing Process -  In this lesson, you will get to see the bigger picture of the Revealing Process and why it creates powerful and long-lasting change. No matter what area of your life you are struggling with, as long as you go through the 4 stages of the Revealing Process, without a doubt, you will begin to experience life in a very different way! 


Lesson 9 -  Theory of Mind (T.O.M.) - In this lesson, I unravel the mystery behind how negative thoughts, stories, and beliefs are created in the subconscious mind. Understanding this will help you break negative programs around dating the woman of your dreams, making more money, and living the life that you fantasize about. Even if you don't have time to go over the entire training, I suggest you don't skip this lesson.


Lesson 10 - How to Let Go of Internal Resistance -  This lesson is all about guiding you step-by-step and teaching you how to let go of internal resistance. You will get Guided Releases that you can play again and again until you feel free of resistance and taking action comes naturally to you. This is the reason most people never change their life is because they don't ever learn a proper way to deal with their resistance. 


Lesson 11 - Focusing On Specific Goals - In this lesson, I will share the 3 steps needed to create a powerful goal that you feel motivated to go after. Unlike most goal-setting processes, this process is going to break down the psychology behind goals and show you why common way of setting goals almost never works. All you have to is follow the 3 steps I shared with you and you will be achieving your goals faster and in a much easier, relaxed way. 


Lesson 12 - How To Use Energetic Modeling To Attract What You Most Desire - This is by far the easiest way to get the women you fantasize about, your desired income, and the lifestyle you want without stressing too much and having to work very hard for it. When you become a master at Energetic Modeling, it will feel as if you have the power to create your own reality. In this lesson, I will give you the basics of Energetic Modeling so you can start to create a good foundation for manifesting the women of your dreams, more money, opportunities to travel the world, and abundance in all areas of your life. 



A copy of the most complete and up to date chart of emotions ever created. It covers the whole spectrum of subtle emotions under Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger, Pride, Courage, Acceptance, Love, and Peace.


Understanding subtle emotions helps you process and move through heavy emotions faster and get into alignment with more empowering emotions.


There are over 756 emotions listed in this chart ready for you to use. 



Over 22 pages of notes that I personally edited and that go hand in hand with the video lessons.


In this PDF document, you will find the key points of every lesson, the step-by-step process for dealing with resistance and anger, the goal-setting process, and written, guided releases that you can follow along with, word by word. 



As a bonus, get access to 4 additional guided sessions where I guide you through releases to further help you develop your own releasing and revealing skills.

Here are the guided releasing audio sessions that you'll get:

  • Guided Release #1 - Letting Go of Learned Helplessness
  • Guided Release #2 - Opening Your Heart
  • Guided Release #3 - Removing The "Want" From Your Releases
  • Guided Release #4 - Welcoming & Releasing on The Imperfect You

A straight forward, practical, and actionable step-by-step process to overcome a lack of self-love. When you start to get this, your goals and everything you want in life comes much, much easier.


Here Are The Video Modules You'll Get:

  • Bonus Video #1 - Be Happy Now
  • Bonus Video #2 - What Are Your Patterns?
  • Bonus Video #3 - Why Journaling Your Successes Is Crucial
  • Bonus Video #4 - The "Straw Release" Method To Open Your Heart
  • Bonus Video #5 -The Revealing Process As A Life Grounding Tool​
  • Bonus Video #6 - Energetic Modeling: The Power of Visualization And Imagination To Achieve Anything You Want
  • Bonus Video #7 - The Subtleties Of "Being" Vs "Wanting"​












Learn the tools of The Revealing Process and how to use them to get to where you want to be throughout your life

Guided Group Emotional Releases To Begin Letting Go Of Common Emotional Baggage That Holds You Back

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