Have you ever wondered if there are any women left on the surface of the Earth who exude qualities like caring, being loving, and independence without emasculating their partners? Women who want to share tasks and expenses with you. Are there still women who want to build a life with you, work on their own passion projects as well as yours, and be your biggest cheerleader? 


Are you out of hope when it comes to finding a woman who you can have an intelligent conversation with but also have fun together and go on adventures with? 

I’ve met so many men from the United States and Western Europe who are disappointed with local women and feel somewhat hopeless about finding a good partner or even just a good quality date to begin with…But I’m telling you, there is hope!

Look no further than…Eastern Europe.

How do I know?

Well first of all, I am an Eastern European myself! But jokes aside, I've travelled for extensively through Western Europe and The United States. And I am always amazed at the difference between women in those regions compared to Eastern Europe. It doesn't take long to notice how women from these areas have grown apart from the core  values of a feminine woman and comparing it with the women from my country (Romania) and Eastern Europe in general, I can tell you that the difference is striking even for me as a woman.

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    Here's What You'll Learn

    This ebook will enrich your dating experience and guide you on how you can win over the heart of almost any Eastern-European woman.

    • Differentiating between myths and reality

    • Manners and their importance in Eastern Europe

    • The Best Practices To Follow When Dating An Eastern European Woman

    • Important behavioral differences in Eastern Europe

    • The differences between Eastern European women and western women

    • What are the rules that can be applied in approaching women in different cultures

    About Me

    Hi, my name is Ana Maria, I am from Romania which is located in Eastern Europe and I am an expert in manners and etiquette. 

    I’ve been working in the government of my country in the protocol department where I trained diplomats and officials in the subtleties of a refined behavior and how to represent their country in honarable way.

    When I was 4yrs old, my mother decided it was time for me to learn about "becoming a lady". So, I AM what I am teaching and I am everything that you will find in this book. 

    I am currently in collaboration with the Royal House of Romania, and in collaboration with FEARLESS, to become a coach and I've I developed a workshop that teaches men how to be a gentleman - BAD BOYS AND THE GENTLEMEN

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